After a video of “Georgina Njenga Leaked Video”, ex-machachari actor Baha and his girlfriend Georgina Njenga are in for a difficult week.

The video, which was obscured, showed Georgina dancing in her residence sans clothing, according to content producer Vincent Mboya.

Georgina and her lover Baha had a child named Astra Nyambura, whom they recently tattooed on their breast. Baha’s late mother inspired the baby’s name.

Vincent Mboya has been chastised for publishing the video. Many have said that the footage would tarnish their brand’s reputation, especially now that she is a mother.

Watch Georgina Njenga Leaked Video Viral on Twitter And Reddit

Georgina Njenga, the girlfriend of actor Baha, has replied after a sexy video of her surfaced online.

Georgina is dancing in her birthday suit in the video, which was shared on Telegram.

In a comment to a local blogger, Georgina now claims that the film was released by her ex, who was dissatisfied with her relationship with Tyler Mbaya alias Baha.

When did the video’s leak?

Unknown users on Telegram leaked the tapes on January 4, 2023. The videos also include watermarks indicating that they were shot on April 4, 2020. Georgina Njenga Leaked Video Goes viral on social media.

According to sources, Georgina Njenga may have released the tapes herself. Or maybe the videos got into the wrong hands.

According to other reports, the videos were shared by Georgina’s close friend Dan @dan45at on Instagram. According to a famous site, they exchange screenshots between the tea master Edgar Obare and the accused leaker of the films. See the screenshots below.

Who is Georgina Njenga?

Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, is married to Georgina Njeri Njenga. Baha is an actress who has long served as the face of Machachari. They’ve had a child together.

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