A lot of content is shared online by influencers and YouTubers. Even though many people make content online, only one of them becomes famous because they catch people’s attention. In the same way, a lot of people go viral because they are in the negative spotlight or because they get negative attention.

Alisha Khadgi Kanda’s Video With Rajkumar Thapa

Who is getting a lot of attention from viewers because of bad content is Alisha Khadgi is getting a lot of attention because of what she posts online. Keep reading until the end to find out more about this online debate. Besides her content creator, others are getting increasingly popular online. Alisha is very well-known on the internet because of recent controversy.

Video of Alisha Khadgi Kanda that went viral

She also became well-known because of this. Her recent bike ride went well, but later, a video of her was posted online, and someone made a complaint against her. Even though the video wasn’t a problem initially, different viewers started to criticise and support it as time progressed. Alisha is a person who makes content. She and another person named.

Rajkumar Thapa Magar makes content for the web. After the controversial video went viral online, both Thapa and the person who made it posted questions online. Alisha is from Kathmandu, and people often ask her about her race, culture, and home. She also shares different points of view on these issues.

Alisha Khadgi Kanda, girlfriend of Rajkumar Thapa, who?

After that, someone filed a complaint against her because riding a bike in public was illegal. When this happened, people in the audience were confused, which led to a huge controversy. The person who made it, Alisha, had to say she was sorry and explain what she had done online. The city police were told about her video.

She was also told to bring it up. In the video, Alisha is seen riding her bike on the part of the road that isn’t supposed to be used or, more specifically, where people usually walk. In one case, it was said that Alisha was riding close to public places where she was more likely to hurt someone. The Kathmandu traffic police posted this information on their Facebook page and other social media sites like Twitter, where they got support.

Rajkumar Thapa Explains Alisha Khadgi Kanda

People don’t like that the creators ride bikes. Alisha’s friend, who rides a motorcycle on his YouTube channel, was also reported for this problem. When the police got the report, they arrested him. Thapa had already posted a video where he rode a bicycle and crashed into other men who were also riding, causing trouble on the road. But Alisha and Thapa also talked about what happened. Read Also: Watch Steffymoreno55 4 Leaked Tiktok Video Viral on Twitter, Telegram

They also told them why they were being arrested. On the other hand, the police made it illegal to ride a bike anywhere that could put pedestrians in danger or hurt them. The police told Thapa not to break traffic laws to blog or record, and they also told him to follow the law and take the right precautions when riding a bicycle on the road. Bicyclists who use public roads also asked for this to happen.

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