Armie Hammer has been the subject of intense scrutiny since claims of a cannibalism fetish began spreading in January 2021, when an anonymous Instagram account posted unverified purported DMs with the actor.

In his first interview since the scandal, Hammer told Air Mail Saturday that he was sexually abused by a pastor as a teenager and that he became suicidal after his downfall. He also denied any criminal wrongdoing, saying instead that he “never thrust” BDSM relationships or encounters on anyone.

A woman also accused him of a “violent” rape that took place in 2017 and spoke at a press conference in March 2021.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) confirmed to Insider the same month that it was investigating Hammer as the main suspect in a sexual assault allegation. An anonymous source told TMZ in December 2021 that the case had wrapped with the actor unlikely to face charges.

It all started when the Instagram account @houseofeffie posted dozens of screenshots of direct messages that it claimed Hammer had sent women between 2016 and 2020. The woman who shared the screenshots, who has since been identified as Efrosina Angelova, per The Hollywood Reporter, is the woman who accused Hammer of rape at the press conference in March 2021, according to Variety.

The messages in the screenshots, which are unverified, referred to fantasies involving domination and cannibalism, among other claims.

Hammer denied certain allegations against him, such as the allegation of rape, and simply avoided or refused to address others. He was dropped by two projects, including “The Offer,” Paramount’s series about the making of “The Godfather.” He was also dropped by his agency and his publicist.

Hammer first began trending on social media in 2021 over alleged NSFW direct messages shared by the account @houseofeffie
In January 2021, an Instagram account called @houseofeffie began to share messages that the account claimed were from actor Armie Hammer. The messages, which remain unverified by media outlets including Insider, detailed fantasies including drinking blood, sexual domination, and even acts of cannibalism.

The messages began to go viral after being amplified by the Instagram gossip page @deuxmoi, which has 590,000 followers.

After @houseofeffie surfaced the claims, the account began to share other stories from women who it said had come forward with their own experiences and screenshots of their conversations with the 34-year-old “Call Me By Your Name” actor. While it is unconfirmed whether these messages are genuinely from Hammer, @houseofeffie insists they are and has tried to prove it by releasing what appear to be previously unseen photos of Hammer, which have since been deleted.

“Women approached me with their affair stories as we talked overwhelmed with grief for days and nights without sleeping or eating, with some ending up in the ER,” the account admin wrote in an Instagram story, which was saved to the account’s highlights reel.

“We collectively decided we have to speak out after how we were treated and seeing how the women in 2020 were being treated by him,” the statement continued. “We cannot allow more women to endure what we are going through in the future.”

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